Unique Wedding Gift Ideas for the Modern Indian Couple

Attending an Indian Wedding soon and want an idea for a unique wedding gift? Here’s a great guide!


Navigate wedding gifts effortlessly:

  • Gift experiences, not things.
  • Go all in for personalized gifting.
  • Gift home decor
  • Spread love through charitable gestures

Are you attending an Indian wedding soon and have no idea what to gift the couple? Well, fear not, because we at Indian Wedding have put together an interesting list of unique gift ideas, so that you can navigate the tricky world of wedding gifting.

Let's start with gifts you should avoid at all costs. Stay away from anything that is too generic, like large photo frames or a dinnerware set, or cash gifts for weddings. Trust us, the couple has already received enough of those. Unless they are your childhood buddies and you want to play mischief, avoid anything too personal, like lingerie or grooming products. In 2023, personalization and resonating with values are where the wedding gift trends are.

Now, onto ideas you can actually use to impress. The key to the best wedding gift is to be thoughtful and creative, which shows you have put some effort into it. Here are some ideas for you to get you started:

1. Experience-based Gifts

Instead of giving a material item how about you gift them an experience? You can give the couple a spa day, a hot air balloon ride, a mini trip to explore the beautiful Banff National Park from EpicExperiences or a paintball adventure from Breakaway Experiences - something they can remember years after their wedding.

2. Personalized Gifts

A personalized wedding present shows the couple that you have put some thought into the gift. You can gift a customized photo album, a painting of the couple, or a personalized wedding card. Websites like Zazzle offer a range of products that can be personalized to suit your taste and budget.

3. Home Decor Gifts

If you know the couple's taste in home decor, gifting them something unique they can use to decorate their new home is always a unique wedding gift idea. You can give them a set of beautiful candles, a decorative wall hanging, or a piece of art they’d fancy. This lantern from Simons can be a perfect pick or this newfangled wine decanter from Olive+Wild.

4. Donations as Wedding Gifts

If the couple is passionate about a particular cause, you can make a donation in their name to a charity that supports it. You can help them set up a GoFundMe registry for a specific charity. Nature Conservancy Canada gives couples a chance to let their guests donate to conserve nature around Canada.

To make life easy, ask your soon-to-be-married friend to create a wedding registry with wedding gift ideas for themselves. It will make each guest’s gift useful in their new journey.

Gifting at an Indian wedding can be tricky, but with some thought and effort, you can make sure that your gift stands out from the rest. Hop on to indianwedding.com and follow us on our social media accounts for creative wedding gift ideas and vendors that sell them. Remember, the worst wedding gifts are the ones that are too generic or too personal. Be creative, be thoughtful, and most importantly, have fun!