The Best Way To Come Up With A Hashtag for Wedding

Unleash the Wedding Hashtag Craze: Your Ultimate Guide to Hashtag Happiness!


Unlock the secrets of the perfect wedding hashtag with Indian Wedding's guide to generate hashtags for wedding effectively:

  • Employ websites for hashtag generation
  • Embed it everywhere for your Indian Wedding
  • Encourage guest participation in your wedding hashtag tagging!
  • Use it post wedding as well to create content around your wedding hashtag.

Congratulations, lovebirds! Your wedding date is set, events are planned and you are about to start on a journey as unique as your fingerprint—your wedding day. Now, in the age of social media, you also need to add a sprinkling of digital trendiness and fun. That’s where hashtags for weddings enter the chat! Your ticket to turning your wedding celebrations into viral sensations. Join the Indian Wedding team as we look into ways to create the perfect wedding hashtag for the two of you.

Why You Need a Wedding Hashtag

With social media and smartphones, your wedding deserves a spotlight on the digital stage. You custom design your wedding outfits, decor and event invites, so why not hashtags for weddings?! Imagine all your wedding moments neatly showing up under one hashtag on Instagram - a candid moment you might have missed during Mehendi, a guest appreciating your wedding favors or a cute picture of your grandparents glancing at you with love. A wedding hashtag is not just a trend, it is a digital album of memories created for eternity.

How to Use Your Wedding Hashtag

Before we let you in on some brilliant custom wedding hashtag generators, let’s talk about how you could use your trending tag on social media and get your guests to participate too:

1. Embed it everywhere

Include your hashtag in all wedding-related communications—invitations, programs, table favors, wedding website, even your dance floors! Use it yourself when posting wedding prep stories and encourage your friends to do the same. Let your wedding photographer know of your hashtag and urge him to use it when he posts your wedding memories on social media.

wedding invitation cards showing hashtags printed on it along with other information.
 CREDIT: Chic Invites | Wedding Chicks | Splendid Moment

2. Show it off!

We are thinking signages, chalkboards or even a photo booth backdrop so that your guests are inspired to use it in their photos. Set up a designated area at the wedding venue with your hashtag engraved in wood or as a neon sign.

CREDIT: Wedding Sutra

3. Encourage guest participation

Ask the Master of Ceremonies at your wedding events to politely nudge guests to use the custom hashtag on stories and posts.

4. Keep it Going!

Even after you’ve tucked your wedding lehenga in the closet, continue to use the hashtag yourself when posting about post-wedding traditions, honeymoon pictures and your wedding anniversary.

How to Build a Custom Wedding Hashtag
And now for the best part! Coming up with a unique wedding hashtag is not childsplay. Yes, if you want to go the boring route by just merging your names together - that’s easy peasy. But if you want your wedding hashtag to be unique and trendy, you’ll have to invest some time and effort into it. Wedding planning is filled with important decisions to be made and hashtag generators make creating a hashtag an easy box to check off the list, while still being personalized. Here are a few recommendations for personalized wedding hashtag generators:

1. Wedding Hashers

They are not just hashtag generators but a team of pro-writers that aim to incorporate your love story in the tag. You can request for a funny tag or even include a pun or your nicknames in it, and your wishes will be granted!

2. Happily Ever Hashtagged

They provide two distinct packages: one for a single hashtag and another for three wedding hashtags, offering you a range of options. Share details about your first date, a humorous backstory, your wedding date, or your interests, and they'll craft a personalized hashtag that's just right for you.

3. Wedding Wire Wedding Hashtag Generator

This is a free service where you can enter your details and the website will create personalized hashtags. While the hashtags might not be as customized as the paid options above, the service is fast and will provide you with some great ideas to select from.

4. Shutterfly Wedding Hashtag Generator

The best part about Shutterfly’s Hashtag Generator is that it tells you if your wedding hashtag was used before. Additionally, it is a free service that generates wedding hashtags based on your names, wedding dates and nicknames.

All in all, your custom wedding hashtag is a bookmark for all your wedding memories. Invest some time and consult your friends and family before finalizing a tag. Let your creative juices flow, get some help from online hashtag generators and let the world witness your love story the 21st-century way. Happy hashtagging!