From Runway to Altar: High-Fashion Hairdos for Indian Weddings

A look-book on Hairdos for Indian Weddings


Discover chic Indian bridal hairdos:

  1. Textured Low Bun – Elegant simplicity
  2. Sleek Ponytail – High-fashion twist
  3. Half-Up Curls – Romantic flair
  4. Bohemian Braids – Boho-chic style

The modern Indian bride is a blend of traditional grace and contemporary flair, and her hairstyle should reflect this beautiful fusion. Today, the Indian Wedding team is exploring five hairdos perfect for the modern Indian bride, each inspired by the latest trends and celebrity looks. Let's make your Indian wedding hairstyle as unforgettable as your special day!

1. The Textured Low Bun

Inspired by Deepika Padukone's elegant look at her own wedding, the textured low bun is perfect for a bride who seeks simplicity with a touch of glamor for her wedding ceremonies. This Indian wedding hairstyle exudes grace and pairs beautifully with traditional Indian bridal attire. 

CREDIT: Ranveer Singh

2. Sleek Ponytail with a Twist

Borrowing from high-fashion runways, a sleek ponytail can be a striking choice for the modern Indian bride. Check out celebrity hairstylist Gabriel Georgiou's Instagram for this cool hairstyle for indian brides often also rocked by A-list stars! To achieve the perfect sleek ponytail, start with straightened hair to ensure a smooth base. Use a fine-tooth comb and a high-quality hair gel or serum to gather your hair into a ponytail, ensuring there are no bumps or loose strands. The key is to create a look that’s polished and refined.

CREDIT: Celebrity hairstylist Gabriel Georgiou (@georgiougabriel)

3. The Half-Up, Half-Down Curls

This Indian wedding hairdo is perfect for brides who want to flaunt their locks while keeping it manageable. The curls add a romantic flair and can be adorned with flowers or delicate hairpins. Sonam Kapoor's mehendi look from May 2018 still inspires many brides to try this beautiful hairdo for Indian weddings. This look is perfect for your big day; it’s elegant, yet stylish.

CREDIT: Sonam Kapoor

4. Bohemian Braids with Florals

For the bride who loves a boho-chic look for her Indian wedding hairdo, bohemian braids interspersed with small flowers or minimalistic jewelry offer a fresh take on traditional bridal hair especially for a fun Mehendi look. Look to Instagram influencer and celebrity stylist Shaleena Nathani's account (@shaleenanathani) for some stylish examples.

CREDIT: Shaleen Nathani

5. The Bold Top Knot

A bold top knot is not only chic but also a nod to traditional Indian hairstyles for the Indian . Modernize it with sleek styling or by adding a contemporary hairpiece. The top knot, traditionally known as the 'Juda' in Indian culture, has been a staple in bridal hairstyles for generations. It is revered for its elegance and the way it gracefully complements the Indian bridal look, especially when paired with elaborate headpieces and veils. Add a twist with traditional Indian hair accessories like a kundan passa.


CREDIT: Indian Silk House


Your wedding hairdo is a personal statement and an essential part of your bridal look. These five styles offer a range of options, from elegant and traditional to bold and contemporary. Remember, the best hairstyle is one that makes you feel confident and beautiful. Happy styling, and here's to a hairstyle that complements your unique beauty as a modern Indian bride! 🌸💍✨

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