10 Unique Bridal Entry Songs for your 2024 Indian Wedding

A list of best wedding entrance songs for the wedding party to make your walk down the aisle special and memorable!


Elevate your 2024 wedding with 10 cinematic and underrated wedding party entrance songs, blending  tradition and modernity for a memorable bridal entry.

  • Discover a range of distinctive wedding entrance songs perfect for a 2024 celebration.
  • From soulful to modern beats, find the ideal track for your unique bridal entry.
  • Select from emotional, playful, or dramatic melodies to create a personalized wedding party entrance music..
  • Seize the ramp queen! It's your day!

The Indian Wedding team helps you elevate this magical moment with 10 underrated, cinematic, best wedding entrance songs that will set the perfect tone for your 2024 wedding party:

1. Gum Hua by Adarsh Rao:

This soulful track with heartwarming lyrics speaks of a deep connection, making it an ideal choice for a bride entering the wedding mandap to unite with her soulmate. We think it’s one of the best wedding entry songs because of this one line - “Tera saath du, har pal abhi, wada mera, ye Jaan lo.” which means “I will be with you forever as this is my promise to you."

2. Aankho Me Uske by Kaushal Kembhavi: 

A song that beautifully expresses deep love and commitment, creating an emotional atmosphere for your bridal entry. The track is slow, romantic and apt for a thoughtful bridal entry.

3. Ishq Hai by Safarnama Films:

Safarnama Films by Lakshya Manwani is a photography and videography service based in Delhi and covers big fat Indian weddings with a panache they own. Alongside photography, Lakshya has also produced five wedding songs under the Safarnama Films label, Ishq Hai being one of them. This bridal entry song adds a touch of contemporary passion, making it perfect for brides that would love to blend tradition and modernity.

4. O Piya by Parineeti Chopra

Bollywood’s Parineeti Chopra wrote and sang this emotional song for her wedding with Raghav Chadha in 2023. We think this is a track that beautifully captures the emotions of anticipation and joy as you walk down the aisle, making it a top pick for weddings this year.

5. Jind Meri by Safarnama Films

Another beautiful track from Safarnama Films, we think this is written specifically as a bride and groom entry song. The lyrics are a celebration of love, grace and forever togetherness, making it a regal pick for a couple entering with poise and elegance.

6. Saahibaan by Pallavi Ishpuniyani

With its playful melody and heartfelt lyrics, this song is a perfect choice for brides who want to set a cheerful and celebratory mood to their wedding party. The lyrics are bound to get the bride and her troupe singing ‘Mainu Sahibaan bana jaa’.

7. Oonchi Oonchi Deewarein by Arijit Singh and Manan Bharadwaj

If you are a long-distance couple finally tying the knot, this track might be the most relatable one for your Indian wedding. The lyrics convey a deep meaning with Arijit Singh working his magic with his voice, like always.

8. Tera Ban Jaunga by Tulsi Kumar and Akhil Sachdeva:

For the modern bride stepping into a new chapter of her life, this romantic melody is the perfect blend of contemporary passion and emotional depth. A popular hit from the movie ‘Kabir Singh’ this track has been widely used as a wedding party entry song.

9. Din Shagna Da by Jasleen Royal

Begin your journey on a traditional note with this Punjabi folk song that has stood the test of time. The soft beats and heart-touching lyrics make it a timeless choice for a bride ready to step into a new life. I don’t think we could complete this list without this one!

10. Ullam Paadum from ‘2 States’
The buildup on this track is perfect for a bride aiming for a dramatical entry to her wedding. The song is also a soothing choice for brides who want to convey a sense of tranquility and joy as they step into a new beginning, specifically for our brides in South India.


Whether you would like a traditional folk song or some modern beats, this refreshing list of underrated songs offers a diverse range of options you could pick to create a memorable bridal entry. Let music be an extension of both of your personalities and your love story as you dance down the aisle into a lifetime of love and happiness. For more unique wedding planning tips and ideas, follow Indian Wedding on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok.